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This section contains information about the old Java Spec API. For new development, the Kotlin API is recommended (see the Components page in the 'Main Concepts' section).

The documentation for Spec APIs includes the following pages:

  • Layout Specs - the logical equivalents of composite views on Android.
  • Mount Specs - components that can render views or drawables.
  • Dynamic Props - illustrates properties that are applied directly to a View or Drawable and are updated without computing a layout or remounting.
  • Accessibility - explains why accessibility is important and how to implement accessibility features, and lists the supported accessibility events of the Style object.
  • Sections API - documentation for the Sections API for writing lists.
  • Props and TreeProps - the ways you can pass data to components.
  • State in Specs - data that is encapsulated and managed within the component and is transparent to its parent.
  • Events for Specs - a general-purpose API to connect components with one another.
  • Triggering Events with Handles - how to use a Handle to trigger events on components.