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Litho provides a variety of tools to write different types of tests. This page provides a brief overview of them.

Unit Testing#

Litho provides a suite of helpers to make unit testing easier. Learn about the setup with our JUnit Rules and AssertJ helpers in Unit Testing Basics.

  • Sub-Component Testing: A common way to test components is by testing assertions on the component hierarchy; i.e. find components that are expected to be present or absent in the component tree. The sub-component APIs provide utilities method to easily write such tests.

  • Prop Matching: Provides APIs to write tests for asserting the prop values set on the components in the hierarchy.

  • Section Testing: Section hierarchies can be tested similarly using the SectionComponentTestHelper and SubSection APIs.

End-to-End Testing#

Litho also provides utilities for writing end-to-end tests with powered by Espresso. Learn more in the Litho Espresso section.

Android Studio#

To run unit tests in Android Studio please follow this guide.