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Incremental Mount

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Even though components provide flatter view hierarchies and perform layout off the main thread, the mount operation (creating, recycling and attaching views and drawables) can still have a cost in the UI thread for very complex components, especially for the ones containing many views.

Litho can transparently spread the cost of mounting components across UI frames to avoid jank.

With incremental mount enabled (which it is by default), the LithoView will only mount enough content to fill its visible region and unmount (and recycle) components that are no longer visible.

Incremental Mount Diagram

If you are using RecyclerCollectionComponent, the framework will seamlessly perform incremental mount.

Manual Incremental Mount

If you're not using the Recycler component, you can still integrate incremental mount in your existing UI implementation. You'll have to explicitly notify the framework every time the LithoView's visible region changes, by calling:


For example, you'd call performIncrementalMount() in an OnScrollListener if you're using components in a ListView.